Thursday, June 30, 2005

Judge gives US reporters one week to reveal sources or face jail.

Just wait, the MSM is going to portray these two as heroes instead of what they really are...journalist.

Drudge Report had this from Yahoo! News

From Hostage-Taker to President, the war with Iran continues.

In 1979 the Iranians committed an act of war against the United States when they entered our embassy. One of the extremist directly involved in this unanswered for outrage is now the President of Iran. If the Iranian people do not overthrow and hold these people accountable I hope that soon the United States will.

Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for the link to lgf: From Hostage-Taker to President.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mexico Nabs 2 Iraqis Near U.S. Border

What will it take for the United States to take border security seriously? If this does not illustrate the threat, I do not know what will. - U.S. & World - Mexico Nabs 2 Iraqis Near U.S. Border

Democrats: infantile.

When can a responsible person consider voting for a Democrat candidate? Only when the Democrats grow up! Until such time as Democrats demonstrate they understand the seriousness of the war on terror the politics of the Democrat Party are irrelevant. If the Democrats do indeed grow up their politics will still be wrong, but at least those who vote for them will not be immediately endangering the National Security of the country. Right now "the Democrats are the party of infantilized adults."

Release The Hounds! has the story.

Kelo v. City of New London: Only at great risk do we deny the past!

Part of the beauty in the design of our Constitution was the intentional difficulty in passing amendments. The intention was to insulate the rule of law from the whim of fashionable public sentiment and the shifting sands of emotional or personal opinion. When Supreme Court justices deny this Constitutional intent and rule instead by their personal passions they threaten the very type of action illustrated at The Hedgehog Blog.

The Hedgehog Blog: Kelo v. City of New London: An Analysis Using, Well, An Ancient Source

America Supports You

The President referenced America Supports You in his speech last night. I did not know the site existed and am pleased to have a direct line to the troops. I hope that service members get a lot out of the support shown at America Supports You.

Monday, June 27, 2005

The President needs to come out strong tonight!

The President needs to come out strong tonight! Republicans hopes for gains in '06 and '08 can largely be met by a strong reminder of who we are fighting and why. The Democrats are extremely vulnerable when challenged on the issues of national security and need to be held accountable.

Patrick Ruffini :: Shifting the Goalposts on 9/11 does a great job summarizing the weakness of the left.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

"The issue is about enforcing the immigration laws on the books"

Any discussion of the issues of border control, national security and immigration control should begin with a requirement to enforce the law already on the books. Until and unless present US immigration law is enforced it does not seem reasonable to discuss any changes to that law. Why enact or reform something you do not intend to enforce? Why reform what may not be broken? hits the nail right the head!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Amnesty (for some) International Exposed!

Patrick Devenny has another "right on the money" artical at FrontPage about the duplicicty of the left. When it makes the United States look bad the liberals and their friends at Amnesty (for some)International are quick to get the press screaming for investigations, such as their present "concern" over the treatment of unlawful combantants. Clear and telling evidence of outrages against innocent civilians however go largely unmentioned if the perpetrator happens to be a Communist or an overt enemy of the United States. If you happen to be both Communist and aligned against the United States, like the former Soviet Union, you may quite literely commit mass murder and other crimes against humantity and be held in high esteme by the left.

Thank you FrontPage and Patrick Devenny for exposing the SOP of the left!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Be sure to visit Okie today!

No time to write today. Would not matter anyway as Okie on the Lam-In LA has been very prolific. He has a great post holding the Democrats accountable. Go visit Okie on the Lam-In LA!

General hits complacency on war on terror

"Quite honestly, I think we have a pretty clear-cut choice. We either deal with terrorism and this extremism abroad, or we deal with it when it comes to us, as it would inevitably, as it has previously." Lt. Gen. John R. Vines, who commands the Multinational Corps Iraq, a professional, knowledgeable leader criticized the likes of Pelosi and Hagel saying "they don't have a good perception of what is at stake here." It is a war and the professionals know it, know how to fight it, and know defeatism when they hear it. The United States needs to keep focused on the fight and those who try to harm the effort should be strongly denounced and sent packing at the next election cycle.

The Center for Security Policy had this from The Washington Times, America's Newspaper.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

China advances missile program while bidding to purchase US companies.

""This is a significant milestone in their effort to develop strategic weapons," said a U.S. official." Democrats, led by Durbin and Pelosi, are denigrating the United States military and damaging our war efforts at the same time China is expanding it's ability to threaten the United States militarily and economically. Not content to only grow it's already enormous military threat, China is expanding it's economic attack by bidding to gain US market share by purchasing US companies such as Unocal and Maytag.

Drudge Report had this from The Washington Times, America's Newspaper as well as both items from Yahoo News.

Durbin? Pelosi? It does not matter, this is why Democrats must be defeated!

Nancy Pelosi yesterday asked "Why have they been in custody for nearly four years without being charged? Why has so little been done to resolve the status of the detainees?" The full answer is very simple: The conflict is still on-going. There is no legal or moral requirement for the United States to do anything with these "illegal combatants" as defined by the Geneva Conventions until after the end of hostilities. After the conflict ends the United States may choose to try and execute them, try and release them, execute or release them without trial, all in standing with international law.

As to the question of "the status of the detainees?" I refer you to Why define what is already defined by the Geneva Conventions? so you may read what the Geneva Conventions says.

Thanks for beating the drum. Democrats as a party must be held accountable and defeated.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Unity & Community: It's the big things that matter most!

Angered and disappointed by the lack of leadership displayed by the Senate Republican Majority and feeling betrayed by "moderates" Republicans, it is easy to lose sight of what is really important: defeating Democrats. While I hope the likes of Chafee, McCain and Snow will be replaced by conservative Republicans, that is the only type of successor I will wish for. If the choice is McCain or a Democrat I will take McCain every time. It is critical that even as conservatives work to secure the party we "stick together" and remember "the best interests of our children that come first." Defeating Democrats and securing our country from threats foreign and domestic is what we are called to do.

Thanks to my wife at Homeschool Encourager Online for reminding us that there is strength in unity.

Constitutional Birthday! reminds us that today is the 217th birthday of the US Constitution. A quick look to his post illustrates an enormous difference between today's political environment and that of our founding. Thank God for these men, their courage and their faith!

Thanks for posting about what is so easy to take for granted.

Why define what is already defined by the Geneva Conventions?

This is an extremely dangerous idea! The Geneva Conventions has already defined what a legal combatant is and the protections they are to be accorded. Any combatant other than what the GC already defines as legal may properly be considered "illegal" and enjoys no protections under international law. To quote The Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions "However, other individuals, including civilians, who commit hostile acts and are captured do not have these protections."

Congress needs to stay out of this while the conflict is underway. If, after the conflict has ended, the international community wishes to discuss changing the GC that is the proper venue. We can then decide whether or not to sign any new convention.

The Center for Strategic Policy had this from The Washington Times, America's Newspaper.

Bush may have no choice but to bypass Senate on Bolton

Senate Democrats again demonstrated their irresponsibility by refusing to allow the Bolton nomination to receive a vote proving again why it is critical to defeat every Democrat running for any office. President Bush should put Mr Bolton to work today and make a public statement that the Senate can confirm him whenever the Democrats grow up or when there are few enough of them to do any damage!

Drudge Report had this Rice: Bush May Bypass Senate on Bolton - Yahoo! News

Monday, June 20, 2005

Biden has announced, let the blogging begin.

Democrat Senator Joe Biden, like Democrat Senator Dick Durbin is a threat to the security and interest of the United States. Democrats have recently compared US military troops guarding Illegal Combatants at Gitmo to Nazis, Pol Pot, and the Gulag operators of Stalin. Biden, in his complicit silence and party allegiance, is equally responsible for a party that condones and allows such an outrageous slander perpetrated by Senator Durbin. It is critical that ALL DEMOCRATS be held equally responsible for this behavior which endangers and demoralizes our troops. Democrats who resent being linked to outrageous like Durbin's are welcome work to defeat all Democrat candidates because their party has become the party of Biden and Durbin.

I am linking to NRSC and GOP where I will be contributing. - Politics - Biden to Run for President in 2008

Censored A-Bomb Stories Found. Censored?

Seems that there was a point in time when our country took seriously, and dealt seriously, with the threat journalist present during times of conflict. Why are we not securing information from publication now? Those who want to do us harm love it when we allow the press to further their cause. We need to start censoring what is reported and detaining those who violate the rules! had this story of how to properly deal with the press during conflict.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The French and the Americans do not trust one another. Who would have guessed it?

Thank goodness for this poll or we would never have even suspected that the French and Americans are skeptical of one another at best. I was surprised that "The survey showed an overwhelming 70 percent of French people believe the United States is not a loyal ally. Fifty-six percent of Americans said France was not a reliable partner." I would have thought more Americans would realize how self-serving and disloyal the French are after all we have done for them and how they continue to undermine us.

I also would never have thought that 70 percent of the French would have the courage to take a stand that America was not supportive of them. This suggest that there is more courage to be found in France than the French themselves have demonstrated and that the French have very short memories indeed.

Drudge Report had this Poll Shows Slump in Trust Between French, Americans report from the Washington Post.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Sen. Dick Durbin: Poster Boy for defeating any and all Democrats!

Lack of leadership over Judicial confirmation and the abandonment of the conservative base by some Republican Senators left many feeling thier contributions and efforts had been betrayed. Because of this Hugh Hewitt, myself, and others said "Not another dime" to the NRSC. As I was saying this, I knew that abandoning the NRSC was a recipe for Democrats to gain, at a time they should lose, seats in the Senate and have been looking for the opportunity for Republicans to regain the momentum that carried them through 2004.

Sen. Dick Durbin speaking for Democrats everywhere has provided the opportunity and now we just need the Republicans to pick up the stick and start hitting the pineata that any elected Democrat represents. If otherwise normal, respectable, rank and file Democrats do not like being associated with wreckless turncoats like Durbin that is too bad! Durbin is the Democrat party speaking and every last one who votes Democrat is guilty by association for voting for these people. If, as a Democrat you do not want to be associated with rhetoric like this, start voting for and sending money to Republicans until your party changes.

As one who is frustrated with the Republican leadership for not utilizing the majority status which we all worked to make possible, I hope that the NRSC will create a subsidery Conservative Republican Senatorial Committee for those like me to send our money to. Short of a CRSC I will be supporting, and encourage Hugh Hewitt, OKIE on the LAM - In LA, The Hedgehog Blog and others to support, the efforts of the NRSC to see that Republicans gain seats in '06, '08, and beyond. For all kinds of reasons, but for our National Security and survival most of all, Democrats at all levels of Government must be defeated.

Thanks to OKIE on the LAM - In LA for the lead in to this post. As always, I respect his copywrite even if I am unable to reproduce it here.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Durbin, Gitmo and the urgent need to defeat Democrats!

Dilley Blog: The truth on Durbin & Gitmo is a great place to start your look at the reprehensible comments of the reprehensible Democrat Senator Durbin. Republicans, conservatives in particular, may have been frustrated with the Majority leadership over the Judicial debacle but Durbin has refocused this partisan on the urgent need to assure that Democrats never gain power in this country again. Harsh? Look at who the leadership is and what they say and ask yourself if they can responsibly be trusted with national security?

By the way, remember to start any discussion of Gitmo by reminding people that unlawful combatants may be legally executed and have no Geneva Convention protection under the laws of armed conflict.

Thanks Dilley Blog for the great illustration of just how despicable the leadership of the Democrats truly is.

2008 Republican Presidental Candidates better know what they face.

Great commentary from on what the 2008 Republican Presidential candidates will be facing. I am in complete agreement that President needs to enforce our border security immediately.

Republicans running for the Presidency in 2008 face a number of hurdles to get support from the base. Immigration, Real spending cuts, Stronger National defense, Judicial restraint, Prosecuting the War on Terror, Tax Cuts, and Social Security reform are all very tangible issues that conservatives are growing tired of waiting for action on. Whoever wants support from the base is going to have to take a strong stand on these issues or the grass roots support that winning the Presidency takes will not be there.

Go read for his take on the importance of enforcing control of our borders and what that means in 2008.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

GodBlogCon 05

GodBlogCon 05 is scheduled for October 13-15 will be a great opportunity for pastors to network about the growing importance of the blogosphere.

Thank you Hugh Hewitt for this link to GodBlogCon 05.

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Bolton Solution: Be Bold and pull a Kastanza!

The solution to the Democrat filibuster of John Bolton to be the ambassador to the United Nations is as simple as reviewing an episode of Seinfeld. Yes, it is time to pull a Kastanza!

John Bolton needs to just show up for work and begin doing his job. President Bush can sign an order for John Bolton to be the "acting" ambassador and let him start working tomorrow. By assuming the position and cleaning up the mess, confirmation becomes an afterthought. Performing the job will put pressure on the Senate to get Mr Bolton confirmed and will go a long way to forcing discipline on the Senate. Be bold! Be Newt Gingrich or Ronald Reagan bold and watch the Senate fall all over itself to get in line.

Thanks to Power Line for the Gingrich interview.

It is important to remember that execution is permitted for illegal combatants.

All this clamor about nothing. As illegal combatants these people have made their choice and it is legally permitted to detain them for the duration of hostilities and also to execute any who have violated the rules of armed conflict. A little perspective from the media would be nice, but apparently the majority of the msm has decided to join those fighting against us by engaging in information warfare against the United States government. The first amendment does not protect those actively engaging in activities harmful to the United States in time of conflict and it is time to start detaining journalist who are supporting the information warfare and propaganda efforts of our enemies.

Release The Hounds provides good perspective of what is wrong with the handwringers out there.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Original Views, a novel idea!

It is sad to think we have come so far, or slipped so low, that it is surprising when a Supreme Court justice considers the original intent of the Constitutional framers as not only relevant, but paramount. Is there a way to limit what the Supreme Court can look to for guidance in it's decision making process? If so, I would support limiting the Court to considering only the Constitution, and possibly contemporary documents of the founders, as relevant when deciding the Constitutionality of a case. Precedent, other countries law, and whim should not be allowed.

Thanks to Real Clear Politics for From Thomas, Original Views by Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Denver Cop Killer Caught: Mexico has opportunity to show support for US law.

Will Mexico support US law by extraditing Raul Garcia-Gomez to face the possibility of the death penalty? Mexico has demonstrated little support for other US law, immigration in particular, and now has another opportunity to demonstrate just how good a neighbor it is.

Thanks to Dilley Blog for the post.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Demons: Right or wrong, black or white, good or evil.

Blue Goldfish reminds us that C.S. Lewis wrote in The Screwtape Letters "that people tend to make two mistakes with respect to demons. The first is not to believe in them at all. The second is to believe in them too much." The same holds true for right or wrong, black or white, good or evil. To many people refuse to believe in absolutes and are unduly critical of those who can see these differences, often considering them "radical." To understand evil and be able to deal with it in a mature and responsible manner is a great responsibility. The world would be better if more people were able to see that somethings are not the grey shading that so many on the left want, but right or wrong, black or white, good or evil.

Visit Blue Goldfish for a post which will challenge and encourage.

Friday, June 03, 2005

A Probable Medal of Honor Winner and that is only half the story!

When he did something, he did it right. Thank God for men like this!

Visit The Hedgehog Blog for the rest of the story.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The intentional and growing Chinese threat.

This is a great post explaining the threat China intentionally posses to the United States. It is important to understand that China is willfully choosing to threaten the United States and has set itself for over fifty years towards that purpose.

My first, of what will be many, visit to A Sailor in the Desert was courtesy of prying1 who gets the hat tip.

Recognizing Our Enemies: Foreign and domestic.

I continue to wonder at the lack of outrage and action against media members who directly assist our enemies in their efforts against the United States. Blue Goldfish has a remarkable post discussing the concept of understanding what an enemy is. The media hides behind a curtain of the first amendment which does not provide protection against providing aid and comfort to an enemy. Tokyo Rose of World War Two provides the precedent to prosecute as war criminals United States citizens who promote the propaganda of an enemy in time of conflict. It is time to hold these irresponsible and dangerous media individuals and institutions accountable.

Thanks Blue Goldfish for the post and links.

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