Thursday, November 30, 2006

Democrats Reject Campaign Pledge

How can you tell a Democrat is lying?

If they are campaigning.

Democrats Reject Key 9/11 Panel Suggestion

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

Hard to drive when Hugh Hewitt has injured Marines talking about their recovery and the support The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund has given their families.

Thank you for promoting this Hugh!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Has London been subjected to WMD attack?

Wikipedia describes WMD at "a term used to describe munitions with the capacity to indiscriminately kill large numbers of human beings" which leads to the question "Has London been subjected to WMD attack?"

Now that "indications of radiation had been found at "several other premises" in addition to Alexander Litvinenko's home and at a hotel and restaurant he visited on November 1" one has to conclude, if this radiation has the potential to kill others besides Alexander Litvinenko, that someone has perpetrated a WMD attack. This should immediately put the free world at war with the country or group that initiated this attack and that war should be prosecuted fully.

Radiation found at more London sites

Is there the will to win?

"Suspected al-Qaeda terrorist Khaled al-Masri has been issued a waiver from the US Department of Homeland Security and awarded a visa by the State Department to enter America."

Apparently the US State Department, like those who voted for Democrats in November, has no idea that we are at war. I am confident of our ability to prevail in this conflict, even to do so quickly, but I question if we as a nation have the will to do so. The concept of "limited" or "something short of war" is to blame which I will post more about soon.

ThreatsWatch.Org has the rest of this astonishing story.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

More Chinese espionage

"China obtained secret stealth technology used on B-2 bomber engines from a Hawaii-based spy ring in a compromise U.S. officials say will allow Beijing to copy or counter a key weapon in the Pentagon's new strategy against China."

Is it not your imagination, Cold War II is here, it is real, and we now have a more capable China to worry about in addition to a resurgent Russia.

China bought bomber secrets was found at The Center for Security Policy.

Monday, November 20, 2006

He slipped on a bar of soap!

When asked about how a former Russian spy got a black eye, in addition to heavy metal poisoning, a senior Kremlin official said "He slipped on a bar of soap."

According to the senior Kremlin official "I said, Frank, I mean comrade, watch out for that bar of soap. Watch out for that bar of soap comrade." The senior Kremlin official added "he must have hit his eye on my fist when I tried to catch him."

There was no comment on the heavy metal poisoning. And you thought the cold war was over.

Condition of Poisoned Russian Ex-Spy Worsens.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

McCain has the chance to go out on top!

Judicial confirmations are perhaps the most significant duty of the US Senate and Senator McCain, in subverting the constitutional process, has evidenced his inclination towards John McCain over Constitution and country. His participation in the Gang of 14 is reason enough for his friends and family to let candidate McCain know that his time has passed, his ambitions are ended, and his continued political capital can best be used supporting the party and it's aspiring conservative candidates.

Senator McCain, end your candidacy, become the party champion, and go out on top!

Thanks for the great post Hugh.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Cold War II

China is a very real and mortal threat.

China sub stalked U.S. fleet - Nation/Politics - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

Friday, November 10, 2006

North Korean ship detained

When detained in Indian waters the ship was empty, but what cargo did it carry when it left North Korea and what happened to that cargo?

Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan

Additional information at Threatswatch.

Seventy years ago the world slept.

Seventy years ago the world slept as another evil festered throughout the west leading to the horror of World War II.

Thanks Hugh Hewitt for the link.

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