Thursday, July 28, 2005

Was CAIR founded by Islamic terrorists?

Isn't this interesting in light of recent postings regarding Hugh Hewitt's radio guest of July 25th & 26th, Mr. Hussam Ayloush of CAIR. Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha have a piece today at FrontPage which appears to confirm concerns of many about CAIR.

"We list here the key statements that CAIR no longer deems legally improper, followed by some speculations as to why it might have decided not to contest them in court.
· [CAIR is an] organization founded by Hamas supporters….
· CAIR was started by Hamas members….
· CAIR … was founded by Islamic terrorists."

The piece is well worth reading at FrontPage Thanks go to The Center for Security Policy for providing the link.

United States Congress vs. PRC

It is good to see that Congress can, at times, recognize that the national security interest of the United States are worth defending before someone takes action against us. Here is good news from The Center for Security Policy:

"In a good first step toward combating Communist China's campaign of economic warfare against the United States, the conference committee finalizing Congress' energy bill voted Monday to delay by more than four months a Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS) review of China National Offshore Oil Corporation's (CNOOC) bid to purchase Unocal."

"Congress would first require that the Energy, Homeland Security and Defense departments conduct a 120-day study on how China's search for energy resources affects the economic and national security interests of the United States."

Please visit The Center for Security Policy for the rest of this important story.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

CAIR now has me scared!

Until yesterday I had an admittedly skeptical belief that the problems with Islamic radicals were mostly external of the United States. After the spokesperson for the Southern California chapter CAIR, Hussam Ayloush was on the Hugh Hewitt radio program for the past two days I am now scared that, if CAIR is representative of American Islamic opinion, we are in grave danger from within this country.

Here is an excerpt from Hugh's program, courtesy of Radio Blogger where Mr Ayloush is asked specifically to address CAIR's documented relationship with the terrorist organization Hamas:

HH: Okay. Can we now go to Hamas?

HA: I'm going back to the issue itself. The CAIR know, first of all, CAIR cannot be put...the Muslim organizations, the Muslim community in America, cannot be put on a litmus test, specifically about each organization...

HH: Why not?

HA: Because that is offensive.

HH: Why is that offensive? Hamas is a terrorist organization.

HA: Because...You're almost saying you're not American enough. I have to question you on your views about Israel.

It is extremely frightening that CAIR, an American organization, is unwilling to disassociate itself from, and condemn, Hamas which has targeted and killed American citizens. I hope Hugh will follow up with a national representative of CAIR to determine if the Southern California chapter is an aberration. If as a National organization CAIR is filled with those who will excuse and thus support terrorism, and in particular if CAIR is representative of American Islamic opinion, I fear the danger within this country is much greater than ever imagined.

Thanks Radio Blogger for posting the transcript.

Once a Commie traitor always a Commie traitor!

Jane Fonda is proving why the left cannot be trusted with political power today. The majority of leaders in today's Democrat party share the same rebellious, left leaning, self important, policies as Ms. Fonda. Thank you Ms Fonda for reminding us why it is critical to defeat every Democrat, in every race, until the party gains some responsible members. has the story.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

CAIR representative builds case for being dangerous!

Hugh Hewitt again has Mr. Ayloush from the California chapter of CAIR on his show along with Frank Gaffney of The Center for Security Policy. Not sounding incompetent, Mr. Ayloush so far seems to be making a case for CAIR to be dangerous.

More will follow around the blogosphere I am certain.

China makes it urgent for the US Navy to build more warships!

The regional navy of China has 215 warships compared with the global navy of the United States with 287. Those 215 warships of the expansionist Chinese navy are concentrated in a relatively small part of the world and represent an enormous threat to United States interest. The balance of power in the far east has never been so negatively weighted against the United States since late in 1941 after the Japanese crippled a significant portion of the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor. It took 2 years of complete national industrial and manpower mobilization, and enormous good fortune, before the United States gained the upper hand over an expansionist Pacific power. With an ongoing global war on terror and in a different age which resist the national mobilization of World War II it is critical that we begin building now to face the possibility, or probability, of a conflict with China.

Vanquished Simplicity has the link to the 2005 DOD report on China's military. Get it compare it with present United States Naval strength.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Is CAIR dangerous or incompetent?

Hugh Hewitt spent over an hour on his radio program today with a representative from the California chapter of CAIR. I apologize for not getting the gentleman's name but am certain it will be at Hugh Hewitt later in the day. The CAIR spokesman did not help ease concerns of a religious and ethnic community that seems eager to equivocate on the origin of the terrorism being perpetrated by Islamic extremist in the name of Islam today. While eager to reassure the American public that Islam is a religion of peace and that all terrorism is to be condemned, he was unable or unwilling to condemn those who are sponsoring or encouraging the terrorism he claims to abhor. When confronted with specific instances of Islamic extremism he always first condemned but then seemed to excuse or deny them. Overall, if he meant what he said as a representative of CAIR, and if CAIR supports what he said, than CAIR sounds dangerous. If what he said was not representative of the Islamic community, and I hope this is the case, than he is incompetent as a spokesperson and CAIR needs to come on Hugh's program to clarify their position.

It was a fascinating interview which I hope Hugh will replay in part and comment on. I expect there will be additional information about this interview at Hugh Hewitt or Radio Blogger soon.

China's Zhu-doo diplomacy

"Dismissing this as Marxist bravado would be a tragic mistake. China is preparing for a war with us and will not hesitate to use any means to achieve its strategic objectives."

This is the key take away from this insightful piece by Don Feder in The Washington Times, America's Newspaper. Mr. Feder gives us specific recommendations on what to do with an expansionist China which include: Curtail Chinese economic expansion, Support Taiwan, and most importantly "Face Reality." China is a threat and the time to get prepared is now.

Thanks to The Center for Security Policy for this from Don Feder in The Washington Times, America's Newspaper.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Unocal board: True American heroes

This is why the Unocal board should be viewed as American heroes. China is a clear and present military threat. To enable them to grow as a strategic threat would be irresponsible and thankfully the Unocal board handled the situation themselves rather than waiting for the Congress to get involved.

Courtesy of Drudge Report is this News.

Monday, July 18, 2005

"Beijing might use nuclear weapons against the United States."

Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu, a dean at China's National Defense University, says that "Beijing might use nuclear weapons against the United States in a conflict over Taiwan." Chinese diplomats tried to soften the comments by saying "the statement was his personal opinion. But the communist government reaffirmed that it would not permit the self-ruled island to pursue formal independence - a step Beijing says it would go to war to stop." When diplomats, trying to minimize the effect of a hard-line statement, reinforce that statement you learn what their true intentions are. China is Taiwan's enemy. China is our enemy. They have nukes and will use them, so it is time to step up preparations for this ongoing conflict!

The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

Humidity: moderate?

Webster's defines humidity as "a moderate degree of wetness especially of the atmosphere." Having just visited Nebraska for three 90 plus degree days I can tell you there is nothing "moderate" about humidity. The humidity in Nebraska is an all out assault that wraps it's arms around you and squeezes the instant you step outside. Perhaps somewhere there is such a thing as moderate humidity, however, it was nowhere to be found last weekend in Nebraska.

Merriam-Webster Online

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

al Qaeda Attacks time-line and casualty toll.

Must viewing.

This will put what we are facing into the proper perspective. Follow the link and view it.

HT to Jim Robbins at The Corner for thisWinds of Change.NET: al Qaeda Attacks: A Flash Presentation.

Terrorist hit London and Israel in the same week.

The people of Great Britain and Israel are united this week in having terror visited upon them. Is there a connection between these events? Yes in the fact that terrorist choose to strike against civilized societies and innocent civilians anywhere they can. For too long the democracies of the world have looked the other way when terrorist attack Israel and only protest when it touches our soil. Terror is terror and a terrorist is a terrorist and we need to seek out and destroy those who perpetrate, support or harbor evil doers wherever they are in the world.

Point of issue: Those who did this are terrorist, not bombers, terrorist!

Churchill quote week, and rightly so!

It seems that when the going gets tough, the tough get quoted. Winston Churchill was perhaps the most dynamic and significant leader of the modern age and it seems appropriate that when leadership is looked for he is frequently quoted. Here is a quick look at a few who are quoting Churchill recently:

Clay Calhoun (who is rumored to be conservatizing Canada.)

Vanquished Simplicity

As the Top of the World Turns

Monday, July 11, 2005

"Does anyone really think that there would be no more terrorist attacks if we simply abandoned Iraq?"

The answer to Release The Hounds! question is: of course not! We need to remember that the Democrats, pacifist, and other fellow travelers who demand we get out of Iraq do so to advance their political agendas, not to make America more secure. Not only will these types endanger our security to advance their political agenda, if they gain power they will not defend this country until after we are attacked. For some, even an attack on United States soil is not reason enough to rise to the defense of our country. This is why it is critical to defeat Democrats at every opportunity.

For a time line of attacks directly against the United States visit Release The Hounds!.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Keep politics out of the Chinese threat assessment!

" Pentagon officials say an internal political battle has been under way in the Bush administration over the forthcoming annual report on China's military power." It is not surprising that the State Department has a dovish opinion of the military threat posed by China. The question is why do politics play any roll in the process of assessing the military threat so our military can responsibly plan and prepare? It would seam that capabilities, not intentions, are what need to be identified. After the potential threat is identified the administration can decide how to treat it while the Pentagon prepares to defeat it.

Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough had this in The Washington Times, America's Newspaper.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Is Hillary calling for war with North Korea?

"We now know," to quote Senator Clinton, that Iraq's WMD program was dismantled because we invaded and ousted Saddam Hussein. Taking what we can from Senator Clinton's remarks, the only logical course of action she can support would be going to war with North Korea! While this may be necessary Senator, I think it prudent to let diplomatic efforts play out be for taking any unilateral action.

Release The Hounds! has the story.

We'll show you what to do with your eminent domain!

Pull On Superman's Cape has another entertaining idea for showing our distaste of a Supreme Court that has forgotten what it is to be supreme of. I say another because the most entertaining has to be the effort to condemn Justice Souter described at OKIE on the LAM™-in LA.

I rediscovered Pull On Superman's Cape today and encourage you to do the same.

5 Americans may have forfeited citizenship!

Under US law, if a preliminary military review finds that these Americans have taken up arms, intended to take up arms, or have or intended to give aid and comfort to our enemies, these Americans will have forfeited their US citizenship and any rights and protections that citizenship provides. They are, again under US law, to be tried by a military tribunal as either enemy combatants or unlawful combatants, depending on the circumstance of their capture, and executed if found guilty. If these former citizens are found guilty the United States can greatly improve its effectiveness, not its popularity, in international relations by heavily publicizing their subsequent executions.

Drudge Report had this US Holding 5 Americans for Iraq Activity.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Declaration of Independence

Right on track over at The Hedgehog Blog. And every Supreme Court Justice and nominee should be required to read the Constitution.

Follow the link to The Hedgehog Blog: The Declaration of Independence.

Pentagon to change strategy?

"The Pentagon's most senior planners are challenging the longstanding strategy that requires the armed forces to be prepared to fight two major wars at a time. Instead, they are weighing whether to shape the military to mount one conventional campaign while devoting more resources to defending American territory and antiterrorism efforts."

Why not defend American interest and be prepared for two contingencies at the same time? As the only Constitutionally provided for spending item, it seems our National Security should come first in the budget. If there is any money left over after providing for our defense needs, then and only then should we considered whether to fund any other budget items or return the money back to those who overpaid it.

Drudge Report had this from the New York Times.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Calling it like it is!

"I'm sorry to be mean-spirited about this, but my honest, frank, personal opinion is that every one of the 1979 hostage-takers that could be identified ought, by now, have been hunted down and killed. This should have been a top priority for our intel and covert ops people."

Do not be sorry Mr. Derbyshire, you only stated what should still be done today!

John Derbyshire at The Corner on National Review Online!

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