Thursday, March 31, 2005

China's Secret War by Patrick Devenny

"The existence of an estimated 3,000 Chinese front companies" facilitating "often-illegal technology transfers" is troubling to say the very least. This is an amazing article by Patrick Devenny and should serve as a wake up call to anyone who thinks China posses no threat to the United States.

Of course this FrontPage :: China's Secret War by Patrick Devenny article was found at Center for Security Policy.

Berger guilty, but what of the documents?

What happened to the documents and what was in them? The fact that "Mr. Berger has cooperated fully" does not answer these questions. There is no mention of the documents being returned which leave most of this event unanswered! - Politics - Ex-National Security Adviser to Plead Guilty to Taking Classified Material

EU to Extort United States

As Frank Burns said on MASH "Get us out of the UN!" I realize that this story is about the EU, not the UN, extorting the United States to change United States laws, but the sentiment is right on track. We need to put a stop to the intrusion into our legal system by other countries. Equally important is the need to stop judges from applying outside influence within our legal system. Judges are to rule on US law and should be prevented by law from considering any other countries rulings.

Yahoo! News - EU Will Seek to Impose Sanctions on U.S.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Medal of Honor - Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith

Thank God for men like this. Presentation scheduled for April 4th.

Must view and read!

Medal of Honor - Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith

The Conservative UAW Guy

You know they have to be out there, you just wonder how many and why they are not heard from. Keep an eye on this blog, it is great to get perspective from someone on the "inside." Has some comments from other conservative union bloggers.

Keep up the fight The Conservative UAW Guy, glad to know you are on the team.

Border War?

Right Makes Right! has a thoughtful post regarding illegal immigration and the danger to the GOP if we allow the issue to be cast as a racial issue, which it most certainly is not. It is important that this be correctly portrayed as a legal and national security issue.

As to the point that we need to "radically change the process for legal immigration" I have to disagree. It seems to me that there is a process, whether some like it or not, and there is no need to change it to accommodate those who are ignoring it anyway.

I fully agree with the need to strictly enforce our existing law and suggest a "zero tolerance" policy to gain control of the situation. If the promise of being deported with no opportunity to ever legally enter the United States were real, the deterrent threat to those who wish to gain citizenship would be effective. Those who are intent on breaking the law will not be deterred of course, and are declaring by their action the necessity to keep them out of the country.

Thanks for the post Right Makes Right!.

Federal Court Allows New Schiavo Appeal

This is only for show unless they quickly order sustenance for Terri Schiavo. These Judges know that there is huge public outcry against the way they have handled this and it is not hard to picture a last minute "effort" to demonstrate that they were trying to do the right thing. I hope I am wrong but this is not consistent with their earlier rulings.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fix social security now, or the left will mess it up later.

Thinking Right has sounded the alarm. We need to fix social security before those on the left have a chance to mess it up worse. What else falls into this "urgent" category? Judges and a re-limiting of their power. War on terrorism, impossible to imagine a democrat of today having the courage and vision to do what George Bush has done and is doing. What of limiting the size of government? While important, I cannot say it has the same sense of immediacy. Other ideas?

Will the CU regents take the path of least resistance?

Human nature tends to seek the path of least resistance. Based on the "revelatory" evidence from Howard Kurtz it is hard to imagine any significant change coming soon to Boulder.

Good post at avoiding the Tar baby.

Africa is getting lots of attention

Found it interesting that the good folks at Dilley Blog had this story regarding Africa the same day Dennis Prager talked of the expansion of Christianity in the same region. I have not found his reference yet, but Prager said more Christians attended church this Easter Sunday in Africa than in all of Europe. Also that more Christians in China attended church than in any individual European country. I found this very interesting.

Supreme Court told to ignore global issues

Absolutely amazing that the Supreme Court not only needs to be told to look to U.S. law and the Constitution but that a Justice would appear to take issue with that.

The ever vigilent Center for Security Policy had this from The Washington Times.

Mexican gang to target United States citizens in the United States!

This is what a situation looks like just before it gets completely out of control. When this does flair up, it will not be without precedent.

During the mid-1910's Mexican "bandits" led by Pancho Villa staged low-grade warfare against the United States and United States citizens. Eventually President Wilson order the Punitive Expedition led by General Pershing to capture Villa and establish control of the border. Villa was never captured and now it appears that control of the border was only temporary and hostilities have perhaps never ceased.

Drudge had this from The Washington Times. For a brief reference on this conflict you can try In Pursuit of Pancho Villa.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Denver teachers clear path for strike

More union mischief at the expense of those they pretend to be concerned about. Why are we allowing unions in public sector jobs? The solution seems simple to me, de-certify!

MSNBC - Denver teachers clear path for strike

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Taiwan takes a stand.

It is great to see free people take a stand. At the same time it is scary to think of the effect this will have across the strait. To Taiwan I say be free and watchful.

Thanks to Dilley Blog for this.

More History of the Crusades

Release The Hounds! has another history lesson on the crusades reclamation of Muslim conquest. Great job filling in the rest of the story.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

2005 Presidential March Madness

Tom Tancredo is still in the running, beating first John McCain and now Rush Limbaugh. Certainly news that "the population of undocumented residents in the United States increased by about 23 percent from 8.4 million in the four-year period" should strengthen his chances.

By the way, when they say "undocumented" they mean "illegal."

Clay Calhoun keeps us updated on 2005 Presidential March Madness.

National Guard troops kill 26 militants.

Bet you could not find this in the msm. Great news of a great victory in Iraq from National Guard troops. Way to go guys!

Ambushed GIs Kill 26 Militants

It is time for a "comprehensive strategy" on China.

"The United States has never had a comprehensive strategy for East Asia" says Tom Donnelly in a Daily Standard story of March 16, 2005. Perhaps under President Bush we can develop such a strategy.

We live in a global environment where it is critical that we face threats and work to contain them. "China's progress as a geopolitical and increasingly global competitor" is reason enough to develop a strategy, let alone her aggressive acts. China has demonstrated by action and in-action that if not yet an enemy it is certainly no friend.

Linked from Center for Strategic Policy is this China's Strategy story.

Monday, March 21, 2005

A call to prosecute those who betray thier country.

I posted on this subject sometime ago but this is the first I have seen from a professional regarding the release of sensitive information by the media and the lack of any prosecution. Retired General Kroesen takes issue with not only the media, but also the attorney general for not "prosecuting people guilty of security violations." He suggest that we do not need additional legislation as "we do have laws sufficient to punish the most serious violators." Perhaps our new AG can start enforcing these laws.

AUSA - Army Magazine:More on the Military and the Media

"Political correctness" claims a CU candidate.

I realize it is very early in the process to select a new CU president. This story however makes it sound like we can expect "politically correctness" to play its typical, if unwelcome, role.

MSNBC - CU candidacy sidelined

Congress can act quickly!

Thankfully for Terri Schiavo congress can act quickly. Now we need to hope this gets in front of the right federal judge. What a shame we have to hope for the right kind of judge.

Now Senator Frist it is time to put what you have just learned into action regarding judges. Get out in front of the public, bring the judges to the floor and force the issue. The democrats may welcome a train wreck but they will not stand in front of one heading right at them. Keep the momentum and continue to act quickly. The country now knows you can do it. Thank you!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Irony at blogfest

Thanks Ben for a great recap of Friday nights blogfest. It was great to meet those of you I was able to. I apologize to those of you I did not meet for scheduling conflicts that caused my late arrival and early departure.

Thank you Hugh for your kind words to my wife and I. Also, thank you for your inspiration, participation and clarity of thought.

Thank you 710 KNUS for the great programming and events. It was great to see Brian and also Carrie again.

Now for irony:

While waiting in line, at blogfest mind you, for Hugh to sign my copy of BLOG (no I cannot cut to the front like Clay)I was offered a copy of a conservative newspaper. Yes that's right, a newspaper. Print.

Am I out of line or does anyone else find this ironic?

Thursday, March 17, 2005

China & Russia to war-game Taiwan invasion.

Drudge Report has a developing story that China has attempted to change the agenda of upcomming war-games to include "practicing an invasion of Taiwan." If there were any doubts remaining of China's true intentions towards Taiwan this should make things clear. If we have not yet moved a carrier battle group towards the area I hope we soon will.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Remnants of the left oppose the expansion of freedom.

In an excellent summation of what is wrong with so many on the left, alerts us that "remnants of the totalitarian Left and various brands of fascism" cannot bring themselves to acknowledge any success in the march towards freedom in the middle east. Why? Because their hatred of America and George Bush overshadows all other considerations.

Thankfully it is only "remnants" who are blinded to freedoms march.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

China supplying WMD tech to Iran

Remember the Tom Clancy book where bad things happen simultaneously around the world stretching our the U.S. military and diplomats to the breaking point? In the book China was stirring up trouble to distract the U.S. while preparing to clean up the spoils when we were not looking.

Looks like the Chinese read Clancy also and are not hesitating to stir up trouble to further their goals.

Courtesy of Drudge comes this World report.

What's wrong with unions? Read on...

Thanks to Mount Virtus for this evidence that self centered nature of unions. You know that many union members had to feel betrayed by their leadership over this.

Release the Hounds provides proof that unions are politically motivated and spend great energy and money not supporting their members but driving political agendas. It is far past time for unions to be eliminated from all public service arenas just as they were from the air traffic control centers.

Monday, March 14, 2005

"Scalia Slams 'Living Constitution' Theory"

Justice Scalia is calling it like it is saying "judges are now more concerned with promoting their personal policy preferences rather than interpreting the law." And that "When we are in that mode, you realize we have rendered the Constitution useless."

Now it is one thing for someone like me to think or say this, and very different when it comes from a sitting Supreme Court Justice. It is refreshing and provides hope, somewhat like the first time you heard Rush Limbaugh or Hugh Hewitt and were amazed to hear someone on the radio saying things that you thought or might have said.

I would like to credit someone else but is where I saw it first.

Will Lebanon go the way of Tieneman Square?

On his radio program, is asking this question. My answer is only if the free world allows.

Unlike the Tieneman Square uprising, a significant percent of the Lebanese population is energized and the United Nations and major European countries are supportive of a democratic Lebanon. Most differently from China, the oppressors of freedom in Lebanon are external and must rely on support and security from other countries.

Can Lebanon go wrong? Certainly. It is imperative that the free world and most importantly the United States voice their support for a free and democratic Lebanon and make it plain that nothing less is acceptable.

Lebanese not letting go of the opportunity for freedom

Wow! What a lesson for all. Give people a taste of freedom and they will not let it go. The United States needs to get the word out that we support these people in their search for democracy.

Thanks to

Churchill may want to make an offer...

How refreshing it is. Ward Churchill may want to make CU an offer along the lines of "If I slip away quietly into the night and never mention my tenure at CU will you not bring a lawsuit against me?" This may be the best deal he gets.

Thanks to the - LOCAL NEWS for this update.

Hugh Hewitt and Blogfest in Denver

Looking for something to do Friday night March 18th? Now you have it. Get to Borders at Colorado Mills to see and hear Hugh Hewitt broadcast live from 4-7pm. See you all there.

Please follow the link for all the details at

Sunday, March 13, 2005

China continues to step up the pressure on Taiwan.

In a clear challenge to the United States and our obligations to Taiwan China has included language stating that "the status of Taiwan is China's internal affair, which subjects to no interference by any outside forces." This is scary stuff at a time when we are busy around the world and it would be easy to see China thinking this means we will not protect Taiwan. A word of caution to China, read my previous post and keep in mind who the President of the United States is.

Thanks to Drudge for this CNN headline.

Bold assertiveness delivers the desired result.

As partial support for my previous post I offer this from Victor Davis Hanson courtesy of As the Top of the World Turns.

Will Bush be marked as one of the greatest presidents?

It is possible that we are experiencing one of the greatest presidencies ever. When you look at those considered the best presidents they are marked by how they handled internal strife (Lincoln), conflict (FDR) or near conflict (Reagan). I can think of no president who has dealt with as much and handled it so well as George Bush has. It will be interesting to see how history will judge this presidency.

Thanks to bestdestiny and of course Clay Calhoun who lead me there.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Churchill buyout near

Dilley Blog argues that the Churchill fiasco has been beneficial in exposing the radicalism on campus to the world. While perhaps Churchill is the "poster child" of what is wrong in higher education, it is certainly no secret that if one is looking for anti-mainstream culture it is easily found on the nearest college campus. As to Churchill, good riddance. While there should be no need for a buyout, it will be good to have him gone.

Thanks Dilley Blog for this Denver Post link.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bolton to face Republican opposition: ENOUGH ALREADY!

Majority Leader Frist take notice: rally the troops, get them in line and lay down the law. You have been given a mandate by the people of this country and it is time to use it. Those of us outside the beltway who sent money, campaigned around the coffee pot at the office and helped get out the vote were skeptical at best over the appointment of Specter to lead the Judiciary committee. We have little or no tolerance for shenanigans from members of our own party.

Those of us outside the beltway want to be with you, we just need to see where you are going.

Thanks Hugh Hewitt for alerting us to Beltway Buzz on National Review Online.

Bolton not likely to be supported by the Dems.

Somehow tiresome if not surprising news, but our friend at As the Top of the World Turns offers the hope that "Once again the Dems will cut their own throats." We need to keep record of these antics and hold the Dems accountable each and every election cycle.

Thanks for the perspective Grumpy Old Man .

Spanish Muslims issue fatwa against Bin Laden

This appears to be something new and will be very encouraging if it gains support. It will be interesting to see what the Spanish Muslim community does with this.

Does anyone know of this happening anyplace else?

Thanks to the Drudge Report for Spanish Muslims issue fatwa against Al-Qaeda's Osama Bin Laden Messenger | Yahoo! Finance-. - LOCAL NEWS

I was traveling over this last weekend and am only now beginning to catch up so I missed this completely.Tapsott's Copy Desk brings us this amazing story which cast outgoing CU President Betsy Hoffman in a questionable light. If this has been well covered and analyzed, I apologize, but I found this to be difficult to believe in light of the relativly easy treatment Ward Churchill has recieved to date.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Naval Institute Proceedings: A must read for several reasons!

Frank Gaffney of The Center for Security Policy has an excellent article in the March issue of Proceedings which is the Naval Institutes monthly magazine for Naval service professionals. (Free subscription required for online access.) While I have never been a member of the military I have long been a fan of Proceedings for the insights into the thinking of these whom I admire and also for ideas which can be extrapolated for use in other arenas such as business.

Mr. Gaffney's article is a continuation of his campaign against the Law of the Sea treaty which has been quietly working towards ratification. We need to support the efforts to stop the passage of this treaty which would unnecessarily constrain our operations at sea.

Proceedings also has an interesting read regarding military bloggers and the issues and opportunities that are created by this new free flow of information.

There is good news from Iraq!

I did not watch Dan Rather's final performance, but I assume he did not share that in addition to other good news from Iraq "three of the four U.S. units extended in Iraq to help ensure the success of the Iraqi elections have now been redeployed, and other units will leave Iraq on schedule at the end of March." This and other good news from General Casey who is commanding the Multinational Force Iraq and reported in DefenceLINK News.

Thanks to Release The Hounds for passing on the good news.

"Bush Announces Iraq Exit Strategy: 'We'll Go Through Iran'."

I am amazed to see that The Onion has the inside scoop on one of two Iraq exit plans that President Bush has told Donald Rumsfeld to prepare for. The Onion seems to have an amazing level of detail on this previously secret plan.

The Onion appears to have completely missed the other option which is of course to exit via Syria.

Thanks to Jonah Goldberg at The Corner for leading us here.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Does China think we are distracted?

Someone better tell China that we are not so busy elsewhere in the world to overlook their expansionist threats. China certainly does not seem overly interested in helping curtail North Korea at a time when we would be happy to have one less thing to focus on. At the same time it is expanding it's threat posture against Taiwan which we have a strategic interest in defending.

Thanks to The Center for Security Policy for this The Washington Times: AP story.

Again I say beware the dragon.

Hoffman holds herself accountable

Let the housecleaning begin! U.S.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Syria to withdraw troops.

It seems like a lot of change in a very short time. Is anyone aware of another time when there has been this much dramatic change in a region over such a short period time?

Thanks to Dilley Blog for linking this Foxnews story.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Washington gets a great idea: Fund what works!

Great idea in Washington for a change as the House GOP proposes to increase defense spending and decrease state department funding by roughly equal amounts. ClayCalhoun, myself and others who have wondered why the government cannot be run more like a business were today rewarded with a fundamental business practice at work on Capitol hill: fund what works!

While probably not the start of something big it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Thanks to Frank Gaffney's The Center for Security Policy for linking
The Washington Times: AP.

Saudis tell Syria to withdraw, but Why?

The Saudis want Syria out of Lebanon, which is a good thing, but why the sudden support for democracy? Could they be concerned about the effect of a democratic uprising so close to their kingdom? While on the one hand the Saudis might want to see this squelched, they may think they can better manage their own future by keeping Lebanon as quiet as possible.

Looks like more than the left is feeling a little threatened by all this democracy breaking out.

Thanks K. J. Lopez at The Corner for linking Yahoo! News - Saudis Tell Syria to Withdraw From Lebanon.

What happened to interpreting the Constitution?

Can anyone tell me when and why case law and morality became part of the decision making process on the Supreme Court. It strikes me that if the purpose of the Court is to interpret the Constitutionality of a law that several things are required. First there must be an existing law that is subject to Constitutional review. Second, the only document consulted when making a Constitutional ruling is the Constitution. I question the need for prior case law to even be considered.

Thanks to Release The Hounds for pointing out that this decision is based on moral questions which are not the concern of the Court. I am not suggesting the Court ignore their personal morality, simply that their guiding focus be the Constitutionality rather than the morality of the decision before them.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Could someone please tell MAJORITY LEADER Frist that MAJORITY LEADER means you have the MAJORITY and you need to be the LEADER!

The always insightful Tapscott's Copy Desk defines the problem well saying "With few exceptions, Republican leaders have no guts and they are absolutely terrified of upsetting Democrats."

The country keeps agreeing that Republicans best represent the interest of the people. Please listen to the people who put you in your position Mr. Frist, and demonstrate the leadership that we are all waiting for.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Missile Defense, Go Navy!

The Navy is proving not only that missile defense can work but that it is working. I hope the good folks on Capitol Hill take notice of this and provide the Navy enough money to keep and upgrade all Aegis capable platforms, including those recently decommissioned due to funding constraints.

Thanks to Frank Gaffney and The Center for Security Policy who provide great information.

Union expansionism!

Union expansionism has already done pleanty of damage in our public schools. Much of the issues providing Ward Churchill leverage over CU are a direct result of union inspired employment practices. We do not need any additional union expansionism and should work to defeat it now.

For the great take on this visit A Bellandean! God, Country, Heritage: Unions Do Hurt America.

Special thanks to ClayCalhoun for pulling us all together.

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