Saturday, April 30, 2005

Must read on who hates America and why!

Victor Davis Hanson has a great piece discussing who hates America and why. It is very telling that the reasons America is hated in so many places are the very reasons we are appreciated by so many more. If you oppress your people, you want them to know nothing of the freedom and prosperity available in a democratic society.

Release The Hounds! has the story.

Friday, April 29, 2005

More on The Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza Settlements

"Palestinians are already portraying the Israeli withdrawal as a Palestinian military triumph, proving the efficacy of violent resistance to Israel."

As in any conflict, geopolitical or over judicial confirmation, when the strong hand is played or even threatened seriously the weaker sides seeks to compromise. It is amazing how wishy-washy people refuse to see this, and how easy it is for otherwise mature leaders to fall into the trap of "let's just get along and be friends." The Teddy Roosevelt method proves the most effective: Speak softly and carry a big stick. Notice that he did not say anything about giving ground to appease the other side.

Very good post over at The Hedgehog Blog.

American Border Secrets

Daniel Pipes has a very informative article regarding border security which lead to 1or2thoughts on the subject. If we can control the border effectively where we choose, why are we not doing so at all points of the border? Similarly if we can select when, why not all the time? Perhaps the most important question is who is making the decision of when, where and how to enforce our border security?

This is a very good article at FrontPage by Daniel Pipes showing that the border is controllable if we choose.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

President Bush was very good if not very conservative.

Means based benefits for Social Security? While this probably will help get something done, it also means that your money and mine will be confiscated and redistributed without our involvement. Very socialist.

FDR could only have dreamed of accomplishing this.

A Compromise of Genius? Just get it done!

Power Line has a good post on Senator Frist's, hopefully last, offer of compromise to the Democrats. Good questions are asked as to Democrats likelihood of compromise or taking a suicidal stand. Curious to think of what the odds makers in Las Vegas would do with this.

Firing up the dragon.

That China is being provocative and aggressive towards it's neighbors is impossible to deny. Now the Chinese are being manipulated into a nationalistic frenzy. Question is, why now? Is this just the traditional Communist ploy of sponsoring instability for their own gain or is China actually looking for an opening to make a move against either Taiwan, Japan or both?

Courtesy of the ever vigilant Center for Security Policy is this Weekly Standard piece.

Prager Coming to Denver for Irael Awareness Day

A great opportunity for Christians to learn more of the role Israel plays in our lives and why we are called to support her.

Dilley Blog has the information.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Beware the Dragon in sheep's clothing!

China has certainly been active regarding Taiwan over the past year. Threatening invasion while welcoming opposition leaders is not something one does if you plan to leave the other country alone. Make no mistake, Taiwan is an independent country in all but the wonderful world of diplomacy.

The Washington Times: AP

Senator Santorum: "Ultimately, the Constitution has to prevail."

Senator Santorum on the Hugh Hewitt program yesterday spoke for so many of us when he said "There certainly is a lot of feeling among Republicans that what's being done here is just a horrific situation of partisan politics being put ahead of what's in the best interest of the United States Senate over the long term." I would remove the qualifier of the Senate and say that the Democrats are not working in the best interest of the United States.

There has always been partisanship, as there should be, but when it comes to our National Security all partisanship should be tabled and only the best interest of the Untied States should be considered. Compromising the Constitutional roles of our "separate but equal" branches of government is a direct threat to our nation's survival and should be held in the upmost contempt. Senator Santorum demonstrates that he knows what is at stake when he says that "ultimately, the Constitution has to prevail here."

Thanks to Radio Blogger for this transcipt from the Hugh Hewitt show.

L.A. now in Mexico?

All the evidence suggest that this is Mexico's ultimate goal.

This WorldNetDaily story is courtesy of The Homeschool Encourager.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Zarqawi Eludes Capture.

I know that judicial confirmation is the headline of the day, but let's not lose site of the continuing war on terror. Our forces in Iraq very nearly caught Zarqawi and you can be sure that when bin Ladin reads this he shudders in fear. They will both be caught or killed in the effort and both have to know that it is only a matter of time. This is the real fight and makes the Democrat mischief seem all the more petty.

Drudge Report had this ABC News story.

True Democrat Colors Shine Through

A great explanation of what happens when Republicans fail to take care of their own back yard.

Thanks Ben at Mount Virtus for this.

"We have the votes we need."

Republicans have the votes and are making noise like they are ready to use them. Now the Democrats want to bargain. Strength and assertiveness work every time. Let's hope the Republican leadership takes a lesson on this.

Thanks to OKIE on the LAM.

Marine General Pace to Become Joint Chiefs Chairman

The United States develops the most amazing leadership talent in the form of our military professionals. I am very pleased to see a United States Marine in so prominent a position.

US Department of State

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Black and white are not relative.

A very intelligent post from a non-Catholic, like myself, on the election of Benedict XVI as the new Pope. I think As the Top of the World Turns is right that a strong reason for his election was his understanding of the dangers of relativism.

A rant is a good thing!

Release The Hounds has gone on a "rant." Thanks for saying what so many of us are thinking.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Paris urges end to China arms ban

Of course the French see China for what China is, an enormous threat to the United States. The opportunity to squeeze the United States, and make money while doing so, is too good for the French to pass up. With what's left of their own power continuing to diminish there is only shrill lashing out, even when it goes against their own interest, for those on the left.

Thank to Dilley Blog for this.

Is the Republican “big tent” too big. has a great post in which he discusses some of the problems of the Republican's “big tent.” While wanting to reach out to all, we need to know and hold true to what we are reaching out from. There is a core set of Republican beliefs and certainly those is positions of leadership, leadership of Republicans, should respect, uphold and represent those beliefs.

Thanks for the great post Clay.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Deputize the Minutemen. Good idea Senator Allard.

Colorado Senator Wayne Allard is on board with the Minutemen. Thank you Senator.

The Washington Times courtesy of Mark Krikorian at The Corner on National Review Online.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Senate rejects amnesty measure

Glad this was defeated? Absolutely. Disturbed there was as much support for amnesty as there was? Absolutely.

Senate Republicans need to get in touch with the base that elected them. There seems to be a disconnect over judicial confirmation and illegal immigration that needs to be solved.

Senate rejects amnesty measure - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - April 20, 2005

"40 years of accommodation hasn't worked out very well."

Now for the big question, is the reference to Senate Republicans and their poor management of a Democrat minority? Or to Christians, specifically the Catholic church, and the souls who have been lost to Islam?

You will need to read View From a Height, whom I visit via Clay Calhoun, to find out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Reasons We Should Be Like Europe

This site falls under the wide reaching category which causes my wife to say "I don't know what you think is so funny about that." Yet I find myself laughing, again.

To be able to say it like The Conservative UAW Guy does.

ACLU: Growing up commie & still toking strong.

A Bellandean! God, Country, Heritage: has a nice post on the communist origins of the ACLU. Meanwhile The Homeschool Encourager brings us this World Net Daily story, with photographs, of ACLU volunteers smoking dope while attempting to intimidate the Minutemen who are trying to curb the illegal invasion of our country by foreign nationals.

Is the judicial fight coming to a head?

While I welcome an end to this sorry example of Democrats choosing political power over the best interest of the country, I have to think that the Republican leadership is equally to blame for allowing this situation to develop and continue to this point. For more than two years a Democrat minority as controlled this issue because of a lack of leadership and strength by Senate Republicans. A show of strength and determination at the first instance of Democrat mischief and this entire situation could have been resolved, with judges confirmed, more than two years ago. While I will continue to support a Republican majority, and a stronger one at that, I will be looking for new, more aggressive leadership to send my money to.

Thinking Right has information that signals the fight may soon be engaged.

Imagine that, liberals do not like Pope Benedict XVI.

"We were all hoping for a different pope ... not an ultraconservative like this."

Would anyone be surprised that the quote was from a French citizen?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Drudge vs. Blogs

Understandable that Drudge might feel that "Blogs are a threat to Drudge's leadership of Internet media" as Patrick Ruffini says. However there are significant differences between disminators of information, which is how I categorize Drudge, and commentators or observers of that information which is how think about Dilley Blog.

Others such as Hugh Hewitt or Tapscott's Copy Desk not only spread comment on information but also do significant writing of to spread their own ideas.

Let Drudge be Drudge and to each of the rest I say carry on.

China jingoism and violence against foreigners is nothing new.

Chinese leadership inspired violence against foreigners is nothing new and has been used before to arouse the Chinese population to support their leaders, ignore their problems, and fight against the common enemy. The military growth, jingoistic rhetoric and strategic expansionism mark China as a very unfriendly nation and one to be carefully watched.

My Way News.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Senator Frist begins to take action.

Senator Frist has finally shown some interest in getting the word out about the shameful actions of Senate Democrats regarding judicial nominations. Thank you Senator Frist for finally getting off the dime.

Thanks to Clay Calhoun.

Senator John McCain-D, AZ

Jim at Thinking Right has summed John McCain up nicely, "John “RINO” McCain has betrayed his party again!"

I visit Thinking Right via Clay Calhoun and thanks go to both of them.

Lasers To Signal Airspace Breaches

In the post 9/11 world if you are flying in restricted airspace, have an unusual warning light or a fighter aircraft in close proximity, and choose to not respond, you have no one to blame when that F-16 puts a Sidewinder up your tail. No "do over's" for stupidity.

Lasers To Signal Airspace Breaches - Yahoo! News is courtesy of Drudge Report.

Details of the KLM flight to Mexico that was denied access to US airspace.

Sounds like the Department of Homeland Security is doing it's job. Canadian authorities must have agreed the flight posed a threat because "Canada rejected a request to land."

1or2thoughts on this incident: Why are European nations aiding identified terror suspects in gaining access to the United States through Mexico which is known to assist in illegal entry into the United States? Why were these suspects not detained, questioned and denied re-entry into the EU if they are a treat? If their alleged travel objective was legitimate, why did they return to Saudi Arabia rather that seek a different itinerary to visit their relative? Perhaps with their cover exposed they chose to return to their sanctuary to plot future evil?

Mystery Flight - Newsweek World News -

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Frist not looking like a presidential contender.

After allowing the Democrats to dominate and stall the judicial confirmation process for more than 2 years, the chances of Bill Frist being "a likely contender for his party's presidential nomination in 2008" are very slim. The American people elect leaders and Senator Frist has not demonstrated the he has the ability to do so. - Politics - Republicans On the Judicial Attack

Friday, April 15, 2005

Hugh Hewitt holds the Republicans feet to the fire!

When it come to choosing which issues are most important, defining the key arguments of those issues, and then running an all out blitz on the opposition, Hugh Hewitt has no peer. Read through his blog over the Republican weakness on judicial confirmations and you see the key issues well argued and completely defined. Add his radio show to the mix and you have an amazing platform for making that argument to the public.

If the Republican Leadership is really concerned about a lack of public support they should read and listen to Hugh Hewitt, take the lesson to heart, and get out their own message. Hugh proves every day that a large audience can engage in intellegient discourse and as former Senator Daschel discovered, that audience does listen, contribute and vote.

More concern over China's intentions.

James Dunnigan has been studying and writing on security matters for thirty plus years. If he is concerned there is reason for us all to take notice.

Thanks for keeping watch Dilley Blog.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Show us some leadership, Senate Republicans

Clay Calhoun has perhaps his best and most significant post on what is likely Hugh Hewitt's best and most significant post. Demonstrated leadership by Senate Republicans is going to make or break the 2006 election cycle. The base, while not going to move to the left, is not going to stay motivated to support those who will not demonstrate that they can lead and that will turn their backs to the majority of the country who provided them a majority.

Free market challenge in the air

Commercial air will go a long way towards keeping Boeing prominent, but can they keep the market cornered on the aerial refueling business? Airbus, which has captured a significant commercial market share, has recently presented a serious challenge in the aerial refueling and transport market in which Boeing has long held a near monopoly.

Underlying both the commercial aircraft and military tanker/transport competition is the very concept of a free market. Heavily subsidized and nationally owned Airbus is challenging free market Boeing in a fight that has strategic consequence for the United States. While supporting the idea that our military needs and deserves the very best equipment available, regardless of cost, it is troubling to think of loosing a vital strategic industry to unequal competition.

The pros and cons of both Airbus and Boeing offerings need to be considered, and then the strategic interest of the United States needs to be held as a trump card.

Courtesy of a friend is this Boeing: A Comeback in the Air article.

Next time don't just take pictures!

Israel has taken "aerial photos of Iranian nuclear installations." Seems like it would be a good idea for the United States to let Israel know we would support them if they choose to do more than take pictures next time.

This Khaleej Times Online is courtesy of Drudge Report.

No repeat of the mistakes of 2004.

I was embarrassed when we lost control of the Colorado Senate in 2004. I must admit my money and efforts, while meager, were focused on the national stage at the expense of local, county and state races which are the building blocks of the party. There will be no repeat of the mistakes of 2004.

Thanks Ben at Mount Virtusfor the reminder.

Senator Dole take heed, judicial candidates must get a floor vote!

Senator Dole heads the National Republican Senatorial Commitee and should be concerned that the prospects for 2006 are in jeopardy today. If judicial candidates do not get floor votes, and get them soon, those of us who help make this majority possible may loose our desire to contribute and fight. HughHewitt has a brilliant summary of how frustrated so many of us are and also a warning for Senate Republicans: "If the GOP loses or refuses the battle over the filibuster, it will lose the 2006 Senate elections, a set of contests it could actually win if the base thought there was any point to winning elections." Absent strong leadership from Majority Leader Frist we need to pressure Senator Dole who stands to have a much more difficult job than necessary due to the perceive lack of action.

Thanks HughHewitt for a great post.

Social Security: There is a Problem

Great post about Social Security with good background on how we got here. For those who say it cannot be touched A Bellandean! reminds us that Section 1104 of the 1935 Act, entitled "RESERVATION OF POWER," specifically said: "The right to alter, amend, or repeal any provision of this Act is hereby reserved to the Congress." Lets get it done now while we have the opportunity.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Go Bob Beauprez!

We need to encourage Bob Beauprez to move towards higher platforms. Governor of Colorado would put him in a national spotlight while giving him the opportunity to serve Colorado.

Glad to see got dug out of the snow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It doesn't matter how you get them to church...

If you are uncomfortable inviting friends and neighbors to church for fear of pushing your religious views on them, Professor Bainbridge has some help for you. Use your political motivation as inspiration and invite them to join you on a regular basis. The common ground should make this easier for you and you will be doing your part in the Great Commission.

Mexican army assisting smugglers. Frightening if true.

If the Mexican army is in fact providing assistance to those attempting to invade the United States, this could be considered an act of war. Courtesy of The Homeschool Encourager comes this WorldNetDaily story which if true is very troubling. I recognize that a citizens group known as the Minutemen takes this issue seriously, but when will the government whose primary Constitutional purpose is to provide for the national defense?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Today's thinkers read blogs

Dilley Blog tells us who reads old news. Those reading this are not likely among them.

China and Taiwan. Words mean things.

China and Taiwan. Phraseology is very important in framing an argument. By not recognizing Taiwan as an independent country the world community has for over fifty years enabled China to perpetuate it's claim of soveirenity over Taiwan. It is time for the free world to recognize a free people and stop assisting China by referring to "both Chinas." Not one China as China claims, not two Chinas which concedes points in the argument to China. China and Taiwan, because words do in fact mean things. No less than in Lebanon, Iraq or Israel, the world is watching.

A Bellandean! God, Country, Heritage: China: Hope and Worry

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Chinese Navy Buildup Gives Pentagon New Worries

This is the best review I have seen on the threat China now presents to the United States and our ability to project power and defend our strategic interest. Most alarming is that as China expands it's ability to threaten the United States Navy, the United States Navy is shrinking in size. Over the past year we have gone from a 299 ship fleet down to 288 ships. This The New York Times article makes reference to "American carriers responding to a crisis would now initially have to operate at least 500 miles from Taiwan, which would reduce the number of fighter sorties they could launch" which means that more carriers would be required to defend Taiwan. This will be increasingly difficult as the Navy is about to retire the USS Kennedy, shrinking the carrier fleet to 11, rather than perform an overhaul which would have provided an additional 10 plus years of service.

Thanks to The Center for Security Policy for sounding the alarm. We need every member of congress to take note of this and increase the ship building budget.

2020 vs 2030

As the Top of the World Turns brings us news of the "progressive's" desire to look to 2020 for their Constitutional revision plans.

Hugh Hewitt on the other hand plans for GOP dominance to 2030 and beyond which would give the opportunity to at least stabilize the ship. We need to push Hugh to share his thoughts on GOP2030.

I will go with the longer term thinking when it comes to the realm of ideas and our Constitution.

U.S. Blocks Netherlands-Mexico Flight

If this flight had not been stopped there would have been nothing but the civilian Minutemen to stop these probable terrorist from entering the United States. This underscored the need to get control of the border. I am curious that it appears from this story the two "undesirable people" were not detained and questioned when returned to the Netherlands. It would occur to me to hold them for questioning and a trip to Guantanemo if they turned out to be bad guys.

CBS 2 - New York News: U.S. Blocks Netherlands-Mexico Flight was found at Drudge Report.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Nationalistic leanings in Europe?

Did you know there was a "French far-right leader?"

Regardless of Jean-Marie Le Pen's political leanings, and excepting the skepticism that must exist over any thing French, it is encouraging that there is at least some discussion in Europe over the consequences of surrendering national interest to a ultra-national body. If Europe starts to question the surrender of national interest perhaps they will understand better the necessity of the United States to maintain it's independence. Now if we can only get our judiciary to think along these lines we will be doing well.

Thanks to Drudge for this News.

Terrorist Bombings in Thailand

It is plain to see that we face a spiritual battle being waged against the entire world. When you see this type of event in the Far East it quickly ends, for any rational thinker, any discussion of this being a response to Israel, the crusades, dry climate or any other diversion. This is a spiritual battle being waged in the physical world.

Good post Dilley Blog. At least when the bag gets squeezed it makes it easier to know where you need to mop.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Minutemen catch 141 illegals so far.

Wow, it is amazing what can happen when you put a little effort into it.

Courtesy of The Homeschool-Encourager comes this WorldNetDaily story.

Enough is enough!

Attention Senate Republicans, you have been the majority and are now an expanded majority. Those of us who gave money, support and our votes are tired of excuses. Get it together!

Attention Majority Leader Frist, take charge. You are the leader and if they do not support the team take their committee position away. Those of us who gave money, support and our votes are tired of excuses. Get it together!

Thanks Dilley Blog: Chafee to deny Bolton to U.N. for this post.

Good questions and several concerns on illegal immigration. weighs in on the issues of illegal immigration and amnesty for those who have illegally entered the country. I take issue with two items in the post: granting amnesty to those who have violated our laws, and the premise that we need to "Implement and execute an effective, efficient, and timely process that supports legal immigration."

The second issue presumes that our current immigration law is ineffective which I have never seen any evidence to support. As to amnesty, one must ask if we are to grant it to those illegally here, who gets amnesty next. White collar criminals? Non-violent criminals? Rewarding those who not only have broken the law but have done so with full knowledge and intent disturbs me.

Dems a little touchy.

Thinking Right seams to have touched a nerve with the dems out there. The comments back on this are very telling, they sound much like Frank Burns on MASH saying "oh yeah, well I get you at recess." They have lost the arguments and are down to name calling and shouts of "that's not fair."

Lets keep them on the run!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Major milestone' reached in missile defense system

"It gives us the capability of dramatically expanding our testing ... and by porting it in Adak it also gives us an operational capability from a North Korean [missile] threat," Gen. Obering said in an interview.

Two significant items in this quote: North Korea is a threat, and partial capability is better than none. The article also states that "In addition to North Korean missiles, the radar could be used to detect Chinese missile launches." While it is not clear if this is a quote, it is great to know the threat is being acknowledged.

The Washington Times has this article which comes to us courtesy, of course, from The Center for Security Policy.

Illegal imigration: Congress wants to reward, citizens wants to prevent.

At the same time United States citizens are stepping in to do what the government is unwilling to do, the Congress is attempting to give amnesty to illegal aliens allready in the country. These are our elected officials doing this, clearly not listening to the will of the people.

The Center for Security Policy

Citizen border patrol has success.

Before the full effort is underway, citizens demonstrate that border security can be enhanced. Keep it up guys!

Thanks to Drudge Report for this My Way News report.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The Dragon Rattles Its Sabers

More China threats in the news. The feared scenario is already in the works as China has begun expanding it's naval presence in the Indian Ocean. Keep your eyes and ears open OKIE on the LAM.

"Is There a Basis for Catholic-Protestant Unity?" has an excellent post: "Is There a Basis for Catholic-Protestant Unity?" Of course there are differences between Catholic & Protestant beliefs, just as there are between Baptist, Non-denominational, and Methodist. Our commonality on the "big things," as my Pastor calls them, is far more important than any difference on "small things." On the most important question we have complete agreement, our belief in Christ. We are free to disagree on other issues, as they are insignificant compared to the unifying belief in the Risen One.

Thanks to for the great site.

Why not de-certify the union?

Seems to me the best way to deal with this situation is to deal with it once by de-certifying the teachers union and you never need deal with it again. It is outrageous to think of taxpayers paying for any employee to not work. Of course teachers are already paid to not work 3 months or more out of every year. I guess that is not enough, but that is 1or2thoughts for another day.

Way to go Ben for the informative Rocky Mountain News: Opinion article.

Going, going, gone...

The Rockies win on a walk off home run to start the season. Way to go Rockies!

Colorado Rockies : The Official Site

Medal of Honor to be presented today.

The process necessary for this medal to be awarded is amazing. Such a high standard for this medal that it takes an unbelievable act of heroism for this to be even considered.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Trouble in paradise.

As the Top of the World Turns has the only information I have seen on the troubles in the paradise of Tahiti. Proof that there is the possibility for mischief anywhere and that free people must be ever vigilant.

For several post on the subject visit the very thoughtful As the Top of the World Turns.

No recognition or privilege for homosexual marriage!

If we are in fact "of the people," those wishing to change the status quo need to take a seat. Has any legitimate pole shown any widespread support for this "progressive" agenda? Every pole or vote I am aware of shows support for traditional definitions of marriage. Very interesting that in this pole when asked what "marital" arrangement should be accepted for homosexual couples 45% said none. None, as in no recognition or privilege. Very interesting.

Thanks to Ben at Mount Virtus for this.

Opening Day...sort of.

The entertainment division of Major League Baseball opens the season tonight. Real baseball starts in National League parks tomorrow. Even though the pitchers won't bat and if only for the entertainment value I will be watching tonight. It is still baseball after all...sort of.

Major League Baseball

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Frightening:Images of the threat of WMD

Mixed feelings on this. While an urgent and appropriate warning, I cannot help feel this is such a fearful image that most people will tune out, unable or un-willing to even consider the possibility. Very frightening and for the serious minded an important reminder of the threat we face today. This should give answer to any question of the urgency to maintain (and perhaps to accelerate) the offensive in the war on terrorism and to actively support regime change in countries and cultures hostile to ours.

Here is the link Iran Freedom Foundation courtesy of Fraters Libertas.

A little too much Clancy?

Hard to believe how close this story is to Clancy's Red Rabbit. Did someone read a little too much Clancy or did he have the inside scoop? - U.S. & World - Pope Shooter: Others Helped

Friday, April 01, 2005

Interview: Real Leader of The Democratic Party

A little crude but extremely funny. I was right, this site is well worth watching.

The Conservative UAW Guy: Interview: Real Leader of The Democratic Party

A New Era for Oil? (

Guess which country is putting economic pressure on the United States with a strategic commodity while at the same time securing long term contracts to assure it's own supply? If you guess China you are right on track.

A New Era for Oil? (

Senate opens door to alien amnesty!

Absolute lunacy! We should encourage anyone who has robbed a bank at least 100 days ago to turn themselves in so they can be given the key to that bank, combination to the safe and sent on their way. I just do not get it.

Again from the Center for Security Policy is this The Washington Times piece.

Exactly what constitutes "the greater good?"

Why is there never a challenge to what constitutes "the greater good?"

From Jonah Goldberg at The Corner on National Review Online.

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