Monday, June 20, 2005

Biden has announced, let the blogging begin.

Democrat Senator Joe Biden, like Democrat Senator Dick Durbin is a threat to the security and interest of the United States. Democrats have recently compared US military troops guarding Illegal Combatants at Gitmo to Nazis, Pol Pot, and the Gulag operators of Stalin. Biden, in his complicit silence and party allegiance, is equally responsible for a party that condones and allows such an outrageous slander perpetrated by Senator Durbin. It is critical that ALL DEMOCRATS be held equally responsible for this behavior which endangers and demoralizes our troops. Democrats who resent being linked to outrageous like Durbin's are welcome work to defeat all Democrat candidates because their party has become the party of Biden and Durbin.

I am linking to NRSC and GOP where I will be contributing. - Politics - Biden to Run for President in 2008


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