Saturday, June 18, 2005

The French and the Americans do not trust one another. Who would have guessed it?

Thank goodness for this poll or we would never have even suspected that the French and Americans are skeptical of one another at best. I was surprised that "The survey showed an overwhelming 70 percent of French people believe the United States is not a loyal ally. Fifty-six percent of Americans said France was not a reliable partner." I would have thought more Americans would realize how self-serving and disloyal the French are after all we have done for them and how they continue to undermine us.

I also would never have thought that 70 percent of the French would have the courage to take a stand that America was not supportive of them. This suggest that there is more courage to be found in France than the French themselves have demonstrated and that the French have very short memories indeed.

Drudge Report had this Poll Shows Slump in Trust Between French, Americans report from the Washington Post.


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