Monday, February 28, 2005

What is the left to do with all this democracy erupting?

First Bush forces his will on the people of Afganistan and after liberation they have elections.

Second Bush invades Iraq and again they have elections.

Now the Lebanese people say they have had enough of Syria's occupation and they want democracy.

The left cannot seem to catch a break these days!

Follow the links to see the pictures: As the Top of the World Turns.

Has Syria bitten off more than it can chew?

This morning I posted that Israel was going public with Syria's involvement in terrorist attacks over the weekend. Syria's occupation of Lebanon and probable involvement in the assassination of Lebanon's previous Prime Minister has erupted in a popular protest demanding Syria get out. With change demanded in Lebanon, a vocal and serious military treat in Israel and a United States which has demonstrated no tolerance for the strong arm tactics that used to work in this part of the world, Syria's world appears ready to crash in on it .

Change your tune Syria or face the consequences, the world is quickly aligning against you.

Colorado blinks and prepares for Churchill buyout

Tapscott's Copy Desk does a great job summing up the Churchill situation as it stands now. Because "The typical academic administrator has no guts in disciplinary matters unless the problem individual happens to be a known political conservative" we see that Churchill is in the drivers seat and will get all he wants and more.

Syria: Newest "Axis of Evil" member seeks the worlds attention.

The newest member of the "Axis of Evil" is trying to get the worlds attention. Syria should remember the attention it's neighbor received.

Thanks to The Corner for bringing this from the Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

Saturday, February 26, 2005

It keeps getting easier for Hoffman to act.

It keeps getting easier for CU President Hoffman to do what needs to be done. Will she take action?

Thanks to Release The Hounds!.

More China...

China is working towards becoming a strategic peer according to Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy. Is it in the best interest of the United States to allow a strategic peer to develop? In particular one which is not a democracy, has imperial ambitions and with which we have been at war with both open and covert?

As we have learned in the war on terror, it is costly to wait for threats to develop the skills, infrastructure and support needed to attack us. How much more threatening when that threat also has nukes and conventional arms to directly threaten our interest around the world. We must prepare today to counter this growing threat and work to get the world on our side in limiting China's growth.

The Center for Security Policy

Friday, February 25, 2005

China:The next Cold War?

Is China warming up to be the next Cold War? Very concerning when you consider that since helping China get free from the Japanese during WWII we have been in several "just short of war" engagements with Chinese forces, most notably the millions of Chinese who provided for the North Korean threat we face today. There is reason to be very watchful and we need to prepare to meet this threat now.

Beware China's traps - The Washington Times: Commentary - February 22, 2005

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Is CU President Betsy Hoffman part of the problem?

CU at the very least has an image problem. From sex scandals in the football program to out of control radicals with questionable credentials on faculty. CU President Hoffman must eventually demonstrate that she can responsibly manage and lead. If President Hoffman is not able to demonstrate control over this institution, one wonders how much longer she should stay.

"It's really too bad that the University of Colorado is being held hostage by Ward Churchill." So writes ClayCalhoun, after a Colorado House Republican Leadership Caucus meeting which focus on CU. CU President Elizabeth Hoffman was in attendance and was concerned about the effect firing Churchill would have on "attracting and retaining other faculty." Other radicals who might be upset with Churchill's departure are not your concern, though they should be. It is time for President Hoffman to deal with this "hostage" situation and lead this institution or step down so someone else can.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

American Liberalism, a burnt-out case in so many ways.

Race, National Security, War on Terror, Economic Theory. In so many areas the left has been proven wrong and yet they hold on.
As the Top of the World Turns encourages the right that "the next political battles will be fought within the conservative side." Better that we frame the discussion than leave it to those on the wrong side of history.

Of course it inefficient, it's the government!, remember what the good folks at "Right Makes Right" say "If only the government was run like a business, the discussion would be over." They were referring to social security reform but the quote is applicable here.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Flunking Christianity 101

Thanks to Cheat Seeking Missiles for this. Little things like this tell a lot about a persons perspective on life.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The union blues.

The good people at Fraters Libertas have the union blues. They do a great service by reminding us that "POWER is the main goal of unions."

As for what to do in this situation I refer you to my previous post The right way to deal with a unionized workforce which explains how a business owner can deal with an emerging union presence.

An employee who does not wish to unionize may feel challenged in this situation unless you work in a "right to work" state. The solution is however the same. Ignore the union and deal directly with management. Be prepared to fight it to the Supreme Court if necessary and know there is always a better opportunity waiting.

First Medal Of Honor since 1993

I believe there are several more in the works. As you read of the process for awarding a Medal of Honor think of the many "above and beyond" acts of heroism that could not meat the requirements of this great honor.

Thanks to Around The World In 80 Days.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Spring Training 2005 has officially begun!

Go Rockies!

Something strange happened this morning.

My "grab a cup of coffee and see what is happening in the world" took a strange turn this morning. I did not realize it until after it happened but for the first time in at least a year, possibly two, I DID NOT FIRST CLICK HUGH HEWITT and SECOND CLICK THE CORNER!

Did worlds collide or what has happened to me? I am retracing my steps, not because the steps are important, but I am curious if there are others out there like me?

Today, for a change and as best I can recall, I first checked Clay Calhoun then As the Top of the World Turns which caused a brief post break. I visited Blue Goldfish, brief draft to mull on, then Thermblog or perhaps the other way around. Mark D. Roberts, Release the Hounds, Tapscotts Copy Desk and as best I can recall, then and only then, did I go home to Hugh Hewitt and then The Corner.

That is when it hit me. I realized I was checking Hugh and The Corner to validate my brief trip, that I had seen what was important, rather than to point me towards topics of interest. Significant? Perhaps only to one whose coffee and first thoughts habits have just changed.

If anyone has experienced something similar I welcome your comments. Time now to visit Drudge and then start cruising. There has been enough change for one day I guess.

The Harvard Country Club

Much more detail on Lawrence Summers from our friend at As the Top of the World Turns. This sounds like much more of a witch hunt than we have been led to believe. The faculty at Harvard sounds like a bunch of elitist at the local Country Club who desire to rid themselves of the long term member who has recently married his maid. On second thought, had Summers left his wife to run off with the maid, it would have been far more acceptable to the rest of the Harvard Country Club. Dr. Summers will have to be more careful of what he says in the future.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Either Churchill or CU appears to have violated the law? post that Churchill's employment is a violation of Colorado law. I am not certain based on this if Churchill or the administration is in violation. Either way it appears to be getting easier for CU to do what needs to be done. If in fact Colorado law has been violated, when will Colorado's new Attorney General start calling witnesses and force CU's hand?

Thanks Clay.

Syria Gets Promoted

Dilley Blog hits it right on the head! Since Libya chose to not take the spot, Syria decided to move towards the head of the list.

Summers or Churchill: Who will go first?

Jonah Goldberg at The Corner on National Review Online points out the dishonesty of academics in their defense of Ward Churchill by comparing it to the attacks on Summers. Who will go first? My bet is Churchill, even though many in academia sympathize with him, but for the reasons listed in my previous Churchill post.

Solving Social Security

"Right Makes Right" illustrates the problem and sums up the solution with "If only the government was run like a business, the discussion would be over."

Senate Minority leader Harry Reid is not interested in having this discussion at all prefering to maintain a failing system as "Patrick Ruffini" points out.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Beware of China as our defense budget is being debated.

I am glad we have a CIA director who will call it like it is. Also thanks to Frank Gaffney who will go to congress and fight for what the Defense Department needs. Today on the Hugh Hewitt radio program Mr. Gaffney made a point that we will be facing China as a strategic peer in the near future. As we continue to fight the war on terror it is urgent that we not lose site of other growing threats to our security.

Thanks to Drudge for the initial link.

Churchill will ultimately lose his job because of those above him at CU who wish to keep theirs.

I agree with Tapscott's Copy Desk that Churchill has a job and support for keeping it because his "views are commonplace on campus these days among the professoriat and have been for decades." However, the University of Colorado I believe will do the right thing and fire Churchill but not necessarily for the right reason. CU has been under such a spotlight of bad publicity for sex scandals and underage binge drinking, with no one held accountable for it, that Churchill will provide the administration an opportunity to show that they can take control when they need to. With the governor and state legislature out of patience Churchill will ultimately lose his job because of those above him at CU who wish to keep theirs.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Time for a trip to the library.

Thanks Thermblog for moving Disraeli to the top of my need to read subjects.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Why is judicial activism more of a Constitutional issue than taxation activism?

While generally pleased with efforts to simplify or reduce taxation, I am curious at the lack of Constitutional arguments. Discussions of judicial activism revolve around the Constitution and questions of it's original intent. Taxation on the other hand appears to escape all Constitutional and historical consideration. A brief look to History of the Income Tax shows Constitutional restraint on taxation, so why is this not part of today's call for reform? If Constitutional arguments are valid on one issue they should be effective on all.

Thanks to Rooftop Blog for starting me thinking on this.

Syria should be concerned, this President means what he says.

My Way News

Thanks to Drudge

Monday, February 14, 2005

A brief but very interesting history of the Crusades.

The good people at Release The Hounds are doing a great job reviewing the Crusades and their relation to current events. Although listed as part 1 in the series do not miss the forward and introduction.

What is important, credentials or credibility?

Hugh Hewitt is right when he comments that "Once again the refrain from old media is not to focus on what Jordan said in Davos --or in Portugal-- but on the credentials or lack thereof of the bloggers."
MSM is using the blogoshpere's alleged lack of "credentials" to distract the public from seeing their own lack of credibility. MSM has ignored this issue and then attempted to label bloggers as "non-credentialed," proving that credentials do not equal credibility.

Moving towards GOP2030

Thanks to Jonah Goldberg at The Corner on National Review Online for sharing this. Hugh Hewitt has intrigued me for some time with his teaser on GOP2030 and a vision of a long term plan to get and maintain a Republican majority. This gives hope that someone is working this plan. I hope someone is thinking of GOP2060 also.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Beware inmates who run the asylum.

The brevity of my previous post suggest I feel Howard Dean presents no threat to those of us on the right. Grumpy Old Man at As the Top of the World Turns reminds us that the head inmate still controls the direction the asylum moves and was smart enough to get that control. As even an out of control bus will still hurt or kill you if you get in its way I suggest we continue to do all we can to minimize the influence of the left.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

And you thought "the inmates running the asylum" was just a saying!

Congratulations to Mark D Roberts!

Congratulations to Mark D Roberts!

The right way to deal with a unionized workforce.

Way to go Walmart. This is the right way to deal with a unionized workforce. Hopefully other organizations will take heart in Walmart's decision and follow their example. The other option is to just ignore the union and deal directly with the people you employ. Make the union made? Certainly. Make the union ineffective? Absolutely. Thanks Walmart for taking a stand.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Why so little attention to the spiritual side of this battle?

While I am encouraged by a story like this, and that I found it at (in) The Corner , I am surprised that there is so little attention paid to the spiritual side of this battle. I do not believe that this is a "religious war" but that does not mean there is not a spiritual aspect to this fight. These "evil doers" must be defeated on all fronts and that includes in the spiritual realm for it is in the spiritual realm that this battle was begun.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Run Newt, Run!

Just watched Newt Gingrich on Hannity & Colmes and WOW is this guy the real deal or what. He may say he's not running in '08 but he sure handled comments about Hillary as though he might face her some day. It sure is refreshing to hear a politician, even one not currently serving, from our side of the issues laying it on the line. No apology, no wish wash on the issues. We won. We are the center. There is room to the right! GO NEWT!

Great site for great ideas.

Tapscott's Copy Desk is a site to watch!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I think the blogs might have something to say...

Thanks to Tapscott's Copy Desk and the Heritage Foundation for this. In addition require that every member who has contributed or backed the bill be identified along with any provisions they have added. Full disclosure to the people and let the blogs have their say.

Churchill: Thanks for clearing that up. - LOCAL NEWS: "'No I did not call a bunch of food service workers, janitors, children, firefighters and random passers-by little Eichmanns,' he said. 'The reference is to a technical core of empire - the technicians of empire ... obviously I was not talking about these people.'"

I guess that makes it all better. He was not talking about "these people." But if not about these people then whom? You and I of course. Those who were not killed and should have been. Thank you for making it all clear Mr. Churchill.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Churchill not going quietly.

Unfortunately Colorado University is getting what is has created. If you sponsor an atmosphere of rebellion and disrespect, when you decide you need to take a stand against it you are faced with rebellion and disrespect. I only hope that CU will have the courage to clean out this mess. It is probably to much to hope for CU to take meaningful action against the overall atmosphere at their school. We will be watching. Thanks Shawnsblogroom for staying on top of this.

When are budget cuts actually cuts?

Reading this update, thanks Drudge Report, leads you to think that there will be cuts to many of these programs. What is unclear is if these "cuts" are cuts at all or rather reductions in the planned growth of a program. While it is easier to say "cut" than to say "reduction in planned growth" it is very misleading. Any ideas on an accurate term for "reduction in planned growth?"

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hugh Hewitt for Secretary of State?

While the thought of Hugh getting a responsible appointment is interesting, I wonder if it is wise? Hugh's list of titles is impressive but I believe they are all honorary. Colorado Governor Bill Owens even appointed Hugh "Sweeper of the Peaks" or something of the sort, but has anyone ever seen Hugh at altitude with a broom? Nice try Generalissimo but I think we should keep Hugh Hewitt behind the microphone.

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