Thursday, June 16, 2005

Durbin, Gitmo and the urgent need to defeat Democrats!

Dilley Blog: The truth on Durbin & Gitmo is a great place to start your look at the reprehensible comments of the reprehensible Democrat Senator Durbin. Republicans, conservatives in particular, may have been frustrated with the Majority leadership over the Judicial debacle but Durbin has refocused this partisan on the urgent need to assure that Democrats never gain power in this country again. Harsh? Look at who the leadership is and what they say and ask yourself if they can responsibly be trusted with national security?

By the way, remember to start any discussion of Gitmo by reminding people that unlawful combatants may be legally executed and have no Geneva Convention protection under the laws of armed conflict.

Thanks Dilley Blog for the great illustration of just how despicable the leadership of the Democrats truly is.


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