Sunday, April 10, 2005

Chinese Navy Buildup Gives Pentagon New Worries

This is the best review I have seen on the threat China now presents to the United States and our ability to project power and defend our strategic interest. Most alarming is that as China expands it's ability to threaten the United States Navy, the United States Navy is shrinking in size. Over the past year we have gone from a 299 ship fleet down to 288 ships. This The New York Times article makes reference to "American carriers responding to a crisis would now initially have to operate at least 500 miles from Taiwan, which would reduce the number of fighter sorties they could launch" which means that more carriers would be required to defend Taiwan. This will be increasingly difficult as the Navy is about to retire the USS Kennedy, shrinking the carrier fleet to 11, rather than perform an overhaul which would have provided an additional 10 plus years of service.

Thanks to The Center for Security Policy for sounding the alarm. We need every member of congress to take note of this and increase the ship building budget.


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