Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Justice Miers? A little perspective is in order.

While the President took a surprise path which calls for continued faith on the part of conservatives, those condemning as well as those praising his nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court need to keep their speculative commentary civil and reasoned.

Those conservatives condemning Miers as another O'Connor or Souter, wasted Republican nominations or missed opportunities, have no idea how a Justice Miers will rule. With no judicial record all we have is faith and hope that Ms. Miers will be more originalist and conservative than these "doom and gloom" conservatives are predicting.

Likewise, conservatives praising the President for his nomination of Harriet Miers have no idea what type of Justice she will be. Again, with no judicial record to look at, it is pure speculation to proclaim Miers nomination like Scalia or Rehnquist.

President Bush exercised his Constitutional prerogative in nominating Ms. Miers to the Supreme court and neither the condemnations of Ann Coulter or Mark Levin nor the praises of Hugh Hewitt or James Dobson will do anything but prove a distraction to Republicans and fodder for the Democrats. As OKIE on the LAM - In LA reminds us "We might get fat and happy from eating our own, but that won't help us in '06 and especially in '08. We better be forward looking here-just think about the possibility of Hillary appointing replacements or Bader-Ginsberg, Kennedy and Stevens. Now there's something that'll keep you up nights!"

Thanks for the perspective OKIE. I think it is time for those condemning as well as those praising this nomination to tone it down, face the fact that we just do not know what kind of Supreme Court Justice Harriet Miers will be. It is time to trust the President and focus on making sure there is a conservative Republican in the White House when it is time to nominate the next Justice.


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