Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Can the Miers nomination be the rallying cry for conservatives?

In an interview with David Frum on the Hugh Hewitt radio program yesterday, Hugh summed up his defense of the Miers nomination as "My premise is that the president knew he couldn't break a filibuster, but that he could get Miers confirmed, and that she's a reliable vote, in his view, and that we ought to give him the benefit of the doubt."

If this was part of the President's thinking it is critical that he get that message out to the base. Right now the base is greatly divided because of this nomination and the one thing that would unite the party, and swing it decisively to the right, would be an explanation of the importance of rock solid conservative support in the Senate. If properly explained, I can think of no more unifying and motivating issue than this to mobilize the base to turn out strong conservative candidates for Senate in '06 and '08 and make every primary a real race to decide whether conservative or blue bloods will control the Republican party.

Thank you Radio Blogger for the transcription.


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