Sunday, September 04, 2005

Confirm two by October!

President Bush should soon announce his second Supreme Court nominee and I hope he will do this promptly along with the statement that he expects both nominees to be confirmed before the court reconvenes in October.

Aggressive, yes. George Bush Presidential, yes.

Over at The Hedgehog Blog the question of President Bush's political capital has been raised. While some Presidents, recent ones particularly, have relied upon poles to determine their capital, this President has demonstrated time and again that he understands his role as a leader and has taken action when action is called for. The role of the President, especially on big issues, is to lead and President Bush knows the difference between big and little issues. Other Presidents have been, and will be, called on to be caretakers, taking care of little issues and fulfilling their roll in history. This President, as Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan has been called on to demonstrate leadership on big issues and I have every confidence, based on his demonstrated qualities, that President Bush understands his roll and will once again live up to it.


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