Sunday, March 20, 2005

Irony at blogfest

Thanks Ben for a great recap of Friday nights blogfest. It was great to meet those of you I was able to. I apologize to those of you I did not meet for scheduling conflicts that caused my late arrival and early departure.

Thank you Hugh for your kind words to my wife and I. Also, thank you for your inspiration, participation and clarity of thought.

Thank you 710 KNUS for the great programming and events. It was great to see Brian and also Carrie again.

Now for irony:

While waiting in line, at blogfest mind you, for Hugh to sign my copy of BLOG (no I cannot cut to the front like Clay)I was offered a copy of a conservative newspaper. Yes that's right, a newspaper. Print.

Am I out of line or does anyone else find this ironic?


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