Monday, January 31, 2005

Why are those who don't get it going "all in" now?

I recognize that comments made before the election in Iraq had a legitimate opportunity to be wrong either way. Having said that, it is amazing how aggressive some on the left have been in gambling that they election would be a disaster. When faced with uncertainty they chose to bet it all with little or no room to maneuver on what they said. The timing of their "all in" strategy leaves them looking very desperate. Yes the election went against them and most political momentum is racing away from them. But why go "all in" now. Politics unlike poker has no end point, at least not for ideology. It will be interesting to watch and listen over the next week to see if there is an attempt to distance themselves from themselves or will they go "all in" on every hand they play?
Thanks to for another example of people who choose not to get it.


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